Maldon District Council
Christmas and New Year - Revised Waste and Recycling Collection Days

Please check your revised refuse, recycling, food waste and garden waste collection day and don't forget to present it by 7am.

Please click here to check your revised collection day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What action has to be taken?

Your first stop will be your local Police who will advise you whether or not your event requires a closure order and, if it does, will be able to help you plan it. The Police will need to be made aware of :-

The exact nature and duration of the event;
The precise extent of the route to be closed, and;
Any diversion which may be needed.

All of this should be incorporated in a map or plan and supplied to the Police. When the Police are satisfied with the proposed arrangements, a formal application should be made to the Council including the details as previously agreed with the Police.

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