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Council Tax

What Is Council Tax? Why Do We Pay It?

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Council Tax is a tax local authorities charge to raise money to pay for their services and is a contribution towards the total cost of providing services to all of the residents in the District.  It is not a payment for services actually received or used by the individual resident or household.

You can find out more about council tax by going to the .Gov website

The largest amount of council tax is charged by and is paid back to Essex County Council.

How Is Council Tax Worked Out?

You can read more about this in the explanatory notes for all of the precepting authorities below:

Maldon District Council - Council Tax Explanatory Notes

Essex Police (on the website for the Police and Crime Commissioner for Essex)

Essex County Council

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service

We do not decide which band your property goes in, this is decided by the Valuation Office Agency.

All properties were valued and put into a 'valuation band' - in England these bands are based on their value on 1 April 1991, not their current value. The valuation band determines how much council tax you pay.

You can use the Valuation Office website to check the band for your property or any property using a postcode. 

The latest bandings and charges for 2014-15 can be found in our explanatory notes.

How to pay

The quickest and easiest way to pay is by direct debit - you can sign up online or alternatively download a form to complete.

You can also make a secure payment on line.

Please note, we can no longer accept cash payments at the Council Offices.

If you are having difficulty paying then you can ask for more help (this page has details of other places you can go for advice). You can also see if you are entitled to council tax benefit.

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