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Maldon District Local Development Plan (LDP)

Proposals Map

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The Proposals Map or Policies Map is a comprehensive map which displays the spatial boundary of all relevant extant development plan policies.  A Proposals Map was submitted alongside the Local Development Plan.  To help you identify the suggested changes since the 2005 Local Plan, we have included the old shapes for comparison in the online version.  Please note that the Proposals Map below is the Pre-Submission version and should be read in conjunction with the Schedule of Minor Modifications.

Where policies have a spatial boundary or location, for example a development boundary or designated employment areas, these are shown on the Proposals Map.  Most of our policies, such as D1 Design Quality and Built Environment, are applicable to the whole District and are not specifically identified.

There are three options for viewing the Proposals Map:

Options for accessing the Local Development Plan Consultation 2013


View an interactive version of the proposals map online - Recommended for slow connections.

User help and tips:

  • Please use the icons on the top-right to access functions such as query (i) and planning (hand icon).
  • The print icon produces an image which you can save and then print using e.g. Windows Photo Viewer.
  • Use the left hand tab to navigate by postcode, town/village or by strategic allocation.
  • The middle tab allows users to change the layers being shown and access old village boundaries (called RLP Development Boundary).
  • The key is accessed by clicking on the tab to the right.


There are four downloadable pages in PDF format (the Key is also printed on the North East map):

All of these maps contain references to policies within the LDP.  Some sites have been given a reference and a number which you can look up at the back of the LDP in Appendix 5.

User help and tips:

  • You will need a PDF viewer installed.
  • These maps have been designed for PC/MAC.  On a PC, use [Ctrl + Scroll Wheel] to zoom in quickly and press the mouse wheel in to pan.
  • Slower computers and users on slow connections should try the online version.

Paper Maps

Like the PDF, this comes in four sheets. Should there be any inconsistency or dispute, the latest printed copy is the definitive version.

A paper copy, along with a copy of the Schedule of Minor Modifications, is available to view along with the Pre-Submission LDP at the following locations:

  • Maldon District Council Offices
  • Parish and Town Councils
  • Local Libraries
  • One Place (Southminster and Burnham-on-Crouch)

Please note that this version of the Proposals Maps uses a different version of the Ordinance Survey basemap than the PDF version above.

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