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Advice on How To Make a Planning Application

Do I need planning permission?

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Planning permission is needed to ensure that a development is properly controlled and carried out without damaging the environment. It is required for most forms of development. 'Development' includes most activities involving building, engineering, mining or other operations on or under the land including changing the use of any land or buildings.

If you write to us with details of your proposed development we will be happy to advise you as to whether or not planning permission is required. Alternatively you may like to use the planning portal interactive house which can provide you with guidance.

There are some minor forms of development, particularly for small buildings and minor changes in use, for which you do not need to apply for planning permission; these are called 'permitted development'. Please contact us if you are unsure if your proposals fall within permitted development rights.

In some cases we may have removed some of your permitted development rights by issuing an Article 4 Direction. This will mean that you have to submit a planning application for work which normally does not need one. Article 4 Directions are made when the character of an area is of acknowledged importance, such as a conservation area or with regard to a listed building.

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