Maldon District Council
Black Refuse Sack Delivery

Please note that 1 roll of 36 sacks will be delivered over the next 3 weeks. These will last until wheeled bins are introduced in June 2016. The cut-off date to report non delivery is Monday 30 Nov.

Important Changes To Waste Collections From Early Summer 2016.

Industrial Pollution


The Environmental Protection Act 1990 was enacted to regulate, amongst other things, certain industrial processes which gave rise to air pollution.  The operators of specific industrial processes were obliged to possess an authorisation in order to operate.  If an authorisation was granted, it allowed the business to operate subject to conditions aimed at reducing air pollution.

This regulatory system was amended by the implementation of the Environmental Permitting Regulations (England and Wales) 2010 which combined the Pollution Prevention Control (PPC) and Waste Management Licensing (WML) regulations. This now also covers radioactive substances, water discharge and groundwater activities and provision for a number of other Directives such as the Mining Waste Directive.

For further information please see Environmental Permits.

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