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Garden Waste

Terms and conditions

By joining the scheme or renewing your subscription you agree to the Council's terms and conditions below for this service.  Click on the link for a printable version.

Terms and Conditions 2019/2020

  1. We regret that not all properties will be able to participate due to access limitations.
  2. The service is available to domestic premises only in the Maldon District area. Any premises with a commercial element are excluded from the service.
  3. The service is subject to an annual subscription fee.
  4. Maldon District Council reserves the right to vary the charge of the service on an annual basis. Existing customers will be advised of the annual price during the annual renewal period. 
  5. The subscription year runs from 1 April to 31 March.
  6. Garden waste bins are emptied weekly between mid February and November and fortnightly for the remainder of the year with the exception of a 2 week non collection over the Christmas period. Detailed timings will be provided in the annual collection calendar.
  7. Collection day and start date will be advised upon registration to the scheme.
  8. Subscriptions are limited to 1 bin per household on initial application. 
  9. Additional bins may be applied for at a later date but will only be approved subject to capacity availability. An additional subscription and bin purchase fee will apply per extra bin requested.
  10. A pro rata charge will be applied for new applications processed during October to December only.
  11. No new applications will be processed during January and February but will be placed onto an interested list and processed in time for the new subscription year.
  12. Residents wishing to share a bin must register the bin to one property and make one payment.  The bin must be presented for collection outside of the registered property only or collection will not take place.
  13. Participating residents may transfer the service to a new address within the Maldon District should they move, if the new property is eligible to receive the service.  Refunds are not available if the service cannot be transferred.
  14. If a participating resident moves out of District, please advise the Council as soon as possible to enable the service to be ceased.
  15. Only Maldon District Council branded garden waste bins will be emptied.
  16. Residents are advised to number or name their bins to avoid confusion with neighbouring property bins if presented close together.
  17. All new applicants must purchase a garden bin from Maldon District Council to use with the service unless the previous resident has left their bin.
    Purchased bins are the property of the resident and therefore may be taken by the resident should they move out of district.
  18. All subscribers pre April 2017 will continue to lease a bin until such time as a new or replacement bin is required.  At this time the resident must purchase a replacement bin to continue the service as replacement parts are not available due to the age of the bin.  The damaged bin can be retained by the resident for storage use or can be removed if requested.
  19. A replacement bin will only be provided free of charge, at the discretion of the Authorised Officer, for the following reasons:
    a) The crew have reported the bin has fallen into the collection vehicle and been damaged.
    b) Damage to the bin is found to be a manufacturing fault.
    c) The bin is under 1 year old and damage to the lid, handle or axle cannot be repaired.
  20. New bins may take up to 10 working days to be delivered from the date when the payment is processed.
  21. Additional “paid for” bins will only be collected if they have an ‘additional bin sticker’ displayed on the lid.
  22. All garden waste bins must be presented at the front boundary of your property or the agreed location for collection by 7.00am on the morning of collection. The front boundary is defined as the point where your property meets the highway, unless an assisted collection has been arranged.
  23. An assisted wheeled bin service will only be made available to resident’s eligible for an assisted refuse collection.  Please advise us if you require this service.
  24. If the bin is not present when the crew arrive for collection and is registered as ‘NOT OUT’ they will not return until your next collection is due.
  25. Should you dispute a ‘NOT OUT’ and it is the first time the issue has occurred you will be issued with Garden Sacks and the crew will not be asked to return but will be monitored on the next scheduled collection.
  26. Any genuine missed collection must be reported within 48 hours in order for the contractors to return to clear; otherwise the bin will not be emptied until the next collection is due.
  27. All items must be placed loose in the wheeled bin – no pots / plastic bags etc.
    Only garden waste must be placed in the wheeled bin. No food waste (including, vegetable peelings), animal waste / animal bedding (including straw), compost, mud, turf or topsoil allowed.  Please remove as much soil from roots as possible.  Inclusion of any of these items in your bin will be treated as contamination although small amounts of windfall fruits are allowed.
  28. Contaminated bins will not be emptied.
    The resident will be notified and the bin will not be collected until the contamination is removed. It is the responsibility of the resident to sort the contents of the bin and remove the contamination. If contamination is found on a second or subsequent visit we will cease collections immediately. No money will be refunded.
  29. No toxic or evasive weeds can be accepted. 
    This includes Japanese knotweed, Giant hogweed, Broad leaved dock, Curled dock, Creeping thistle, Ragwort and Spear thistle.  Inclusion of any of these weeds in your bin will be treated as contamination and will result in your bin not being emptied.  The contamination will need to be removed prior to your next scheduled collection.
  30. Bins that are overflowing will not be emptied and additional green waste placed outside the bin will not be removed.  The bin lid must close.  
  31. Bins that are overweight will not be emptied.  Once filled with green waste, wheeled bins should still be able to be moved easily otherwise they will be considered a health and safety risk to the crew, and a notice will be left to advise.  Excess green waste will need to be removed before the bin will be emptied.  Please note wet grass cuttings are extremely heavy and we advise only part filling the bin in these instances to avoid non collection.
  32. During the winter months some bins may not completely empty due frozen contents.  Crews will attempt to remove the contents but if they cannot, the bin will be left and they will not return until the next scheduled collection.
  33. In the event of exceptional circumstances, such as extreme weather or fuel crisis we reserve the right to vary service standards without notice.
  34. Nothing herein contained is intended to affect nor will it affect a customer’s statutory rights.