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Street cleaning

If you would like to report any street cleaning issues you can do this by completing our online form or by contacting us.

We have a responsibility to keep all roads and footpaths (other than private roads and footpaths) within the District clear from litter and refuse.

To keep the area clean we provide litter and dog fouling bins in public open spaces and on many of the streets across the District.  Our contractors, B G Appleton (Contracts), empty many of these bins and also sweep and litter pick all of the roads and footpaths (other than private roads and footpaths) in the District.  

The District's roads and footpaths are monitored regularly by both our contractor and by Council officers to ensure that standards remain high. Council officers also undertake regular scoring of the District under National Indicator 195 and our results for 2011-2012 have shown that the District continues to be one of the cleanest in the country.