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How can I report fly tipping?

How can I report fly tipping?

If you would like to report a fly tip on public or private land please fill in our online form.

When you contact the Council, it would be useful to have some of the following information:

  • Your details: name, address and telephone number
  • Day, date and time that you saw the fly tipped waste
  • Location of the fly tipped waste
  • Did you see anyone in the act of dumping the waste?
  • If you did, please give details of the fly tippers - How many people were there?  What did they look like?  Did you recognise any of them?
  • Was there a vehicle involved?  If so, what did it look like?  What was its make, colour and registration number?  Were there any distinguishing features on it?

One of our officers will investigate a reported fly tip within 2 days of being notified and ensure it is removed within an appropriate timescale depending on the outcome of the investigation (this applies to relevant highways, footpaths, Council controlled car parks or other defined areas).