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What happens when a car is abandoned

One of our street scene enforcement officers will attach a Notice to the vehicle demanding that the owner contacts the Council within a given period.  If after that time no owner has claimed their vehicle, a second inspection is made, and the Council then has a legal duty to make all reasonable enquiries to find out who owns or normally keeps the vehicle.

The Council's contractor will be notified to tow the vehicle away.  After the enquiries have been completed and if the owner has not claimed the vehicle, it will be dismantled for spare parts.  The remaining material will be sent for recycling.

What does a 'police aware' sticker mean when attached to a car?

Police place these stickers on vehicles that they would like removed by the owner/keeper and to prevent repeated reports from members of the public.  It does not necessarily mean that the vehicle is abandoned or that it has been reported to the Council.

What can happen to the owner of an abandoned vehicle?

Where evidence is obtained from the DVLA or a witness, the owner will be taken to Court and could face a fine up to £2,500.