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What can I recycle?

Recycling collections - what can I recycle?

To find out when your collection day is, please use our online lookup.

We work in partnership with Suez to collect refuse and recycling from every domestic property in the District.

Refuse and recycling must be presented by 7am on the day of collection at the front boundary (or agreed location) of your property.

Please download our recycling guide.

Recycling containers

3 rolls of pink sacks are delivered to households once a year during May & June. Extra sacks and food waste caddy liners can be collected free of charge from one of our stockists.

We also supply a sturdy blue box for recycling of glass bottles & jars and caddies to contain your food waste. Order a replacement box or caddy.

What goes in the pink sack?

Pink sacks are used to collect mixed recycling. Please ensure that all recycling is clean and free of food residue.

We can accept:

  • Newspapers, magazines & catalogues (no hardbacks)
  • Paper, cardboard & junk mail. Large pieces of cardboard should be folded and placed by the side of your pink sacks
  • Plastic bottles e.g. soft drink bottles, milk bottles, shampoo bottles
  • Plastic food tubs, trays & pots e.g. margarine tubs, microwave meal trays, yoghurt pots
  • Food tins & drink cans
  • Aerosols. Please ensure that aerosols are empty
  • Beverage cartons e.g. juice cartons

We cannot accept:

  • Glass - please use your blue recycling box for glass bottles & jars. Mirrors, windows and other types of glass can be taken to a local recycling centre for household waste
  • Food waste - please use your food caddy
  • Nappies & wet wipes - dispose of in your grey wheeled bin
  • Kitchen roll & tissues - dispose of in your grey wheeled bin
  • Polystyrene - dispose of in your grey wheeled bin. Large quantities of polystyrene can be placed in black refuse sacks next to your bin. Please put a note on the sack to advise that it contains polystyrene only
  • Plastic bags or cling film - please reuse carrier bags or recycle at a local supermarket. All other plastic bags and cling film should be disposed of in your grey wheeled bin
  • Bubble wrap - please dispose of in your grey wheeled bin
  • Crisp packets & biscuit or sweet wrappers - please dispose of in your grey wheeled bin
  • Hard plastic items e.g. DVD cases, toys etc - please dispose of in your grey wheeled bin. Good quality items can be donated to local charities or reuse organisations
  • Wallpaper & wrapping paper - please dispose of in your grey wheeled bin