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Help and guidance on waste and recycling collections

Help and guidance on household waste and recycling collections

Customer Query Details
Where can I get more recycling sacks & caddy liners? Recycling sack & caddy liners stockists
How can I arrange a clinical waste collection? Clinical waste collections
Where can I order a replacement food caddy? Replacement food caddy
Where can I find details about recycling boxes for glass? Recycling boxes for glass
What are the bank holiday arrangements? Bank holiday arrangements
Where can I find details on cloth nappies? Cloth nappies
Where can I find details on wheeled bin sizes? Wheeled bin sizes
Where can I see answers to common collection issues? Common collection issues
Where can I get advice on reusing unwanted items? Reusing unwanted items
Where does my recycling go? Where your recycling goes
Where can I see details on the collection service standards? Collection service standards
What is the waste busters scheme? Waste busters