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Do I need planning permission?

Do I need planning permission?

Not all works require planning permission. If your proposal is not classed as development, it will not need planning permission.  A general guide as to whether works constitute development can be found on the Government website.

In some cases, development will be permitted under national permitted development rights, and these developments can take place without submitting a planning application.  Further information regarding permitted development rights can be found on the planning portal website.  The planning portal website also features an interactive guide which gives advice on permitted development rights and common projects for detached, semi-detached and terraced houses, which can be found on the planning portal website.

If you are considering an extension(s) within flood zones 2 & 3 please download this help guide.

Should you wish to receive formal confirmation that work you propose to carry out is permitted development an application for a certificate of lawful development can be submitted.  More information about applications for a certificate of lawful development can be found on the Government website.

Some properties do not benefit from the same permitted development rights as normal houses or bungalows, which are:

  • Listed buildings;
  • Dwellings in Conservation Areas;
  • Dwelling subject to Article 4 Directions;
  • Dwellings which have had permitted development rights removed through a planning condition;
  • Converted dwellings or dwellings created through the permitted development rights to change use;
  • Flats;
  • Maisonettes;
  • Mobile homes, and
  • residential caravans

In these instances, you may need to apply for planning permission or listed building consent for developments which would not normally require an application.  You can find out more information about Article 4 Directions here.

Even if a planning application is not needed, other consents may be required such as Building Regulations Approval and it is the developer's responsibility to ensure that any necessary permissions, consents and permits are in place when required.