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Consultation on Maldon District Council Planning Validation Requirements List (Draft) (2020)

Consultation on Maldon District Council Planning Validation Requirements List (Draft) (2020)

Local Validation Checklist: Public Consultation (February- April 2020)

Local Validation Checklist 2020

At the Strategy and Resources Committee on the 20 February 2020 Members of the Committee approved a report recommending a six-week consultation on amendments to the local information requirements for the Validation of planning applications (local list).

We are now asking the community for any views on the Draft Maldon District Council Planning Validation Requirements List 2020.

Since 2008 local planning authorities have been required to publish a list of information they require to “validate” the planning applications they receive.  This validation list forms two components, the national requirements, including the application form, the fee, certificates etc and secondly, specific local validation requirements known as the “Local List”. 

The Government requires local planning authorities to review the “local list” every two years.  In addition, there continues to be a significant number of changes to planning legislation, policy and guidance.  It is therefore considered timely for Maldon District Council to adopt amendments to the local validation requirements.

The Changes

The main changes that are proposed are as follows:

  • Amendments to all sections to make the requirements clearer and updating the references to current legislation, guidance and standing advice
  • All website references have been updated where necessary
  • Addition of the biodiversity checklist.

The Consultation Process

The proposed Local List is open to public consultation for a six-week period:

From 21 February 2020 until 5pm on 3 April 2020.

You may comment upon the draft list by email to or put your comments in writing to (Local Validation Checklist) The Planning Department, Maldon District Council, Princes Road, Maldon CM9 5DL.  The Local Planning Authority will consider all the comments received during the consultation and amend the Local List as appropriate.  Once approved this will form the basis on which planning applications are deemed valid by Maldon District Council

Consultation Documents

Consultation Responses

Please forward any comments you may wish to make by 5pm on Friday 3 April 2020 either by:


or by post:

(Local Validation Checklist)
The Planning Department
Maldon District Council
Princes Road

Please note, although it will not be possible to respond to specific comments, all comments will be recorded and fed into the consultation process. 


The deadline for commenting on this consultation is:

  • 5pm, Friday 3 April 2020