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What am I required to submit to support my application?

Further information

For an application to be valid, you must submit certain documents to meet national and local validation requirements as well as the correct fee. We have combined our local list with the national requirements to be clear about the information required at the outset.

The information required varies according to the size, type and location of the development. Any application that does not meet the criteria set out in the validation list will be made ‘invalid’ until such time as all the required documentation has been received.

If you require assistance with the completion of planning application forms or further information about the plans and information that need to be submitted, our Duty Planner will be available to see you on Tuesdays 10am - 2pm No appointment is required.

Our latest validation list became effective on 04 April 2020. This will be reviewed every two years, as recommended by the Government and any minor amendments to take account of statutory changes or Government Guidance will be made as and when necessary.

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