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How can I comment on a planning application?

All comments on an application must be made in writing and must include your name and address.  You can make comments: 

When making your comments please clearly state the planning application number and the site address of the proposed development on all correspondence. 

Please note that the planning application and decision-making process is open and transparent.  We are required by law to make all comments received available for inspection by any members of the public, including the applicant. 

If you do not wish to reveal personal information such as your written signature, personal telephone numbers or email addresses, these do not need to be provided.  You must, however, state your name - this can be typewritten - and address.  Confidential representations cannot be accepted. 

We reserve the right not to publish or take into account any letters of representation which are openly offensive or defamatory. 

If you do comment on a planning application, you will be notified of the decision.  Unfortunately, we cannot at present respond to requests to keep you directly informed of the progress of an application you have commented on.  Please check our planning application search facility for progress.

Please note that the views expressed by individuals or organisations in comments made on planning applications do not necessarily represent the views of Maldon District Council. 

By registering your details with us, you agree to us contacting you to advise you of any progress relating to this application, including the decision and any appeal that may be submitted.  We will not use your details for any purpose other than this.