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Can I speak at a planning committee meeting?

There is the facility for public speaking at planning committee meetings and the opportunity is available to applicants and their agents, supporters, objectors, and appointed representatives of Parish/Town Councils.  This facility is intended to supplement rather than replace representations in writing.  All representations on planning applications must first be made in writing and will continue to be taken into account with equal weight in the decision-making process.

Planning Services will communicate with applicants / agents, Parish and Town Councils, and all persons who have submitted written representations to advise them of the application being presented to a planning committee and the relevant arrangements for speaking.

All requests to speak must be notified to a Committee Clerk or Planning Officer between 7.00pm and 7.20pm prior to the start of the committee meeting.

Only one person will be permitted to speak as an objector or supporter of the scheme and should more than one person wish to speak either in support or opposition they will be invited to appoint a single spokesperson who may be able to cover all the points and will be asked to announce who it is he or she represents.  In the absence of agreement over this, and in the interests of the proper and efficient conduct of the meeting, the Chairman may decide to allow no participation at all.

Public speaking is limited to two minutes per person.

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