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Urban design

Maldon and Heybridge central area masterplan

The Masterplan projects and Action Plan have been prepared in collaboration with existing partnerships, key stakeholders and through public consultation and are supported by key Evidence Bases.

The Maldon and Heybridge Central Area Masterplan and Action Plan set out the Council's vision and ambition for economic growth, through a regenerative strategy, environmental enhancements and redeveloping sites within the Masterplan area to deliver 18 key projects over the next 10-15 years.  The Maldon and Heybridge Central Area incorporates the attractive Maldon Town Centre, the Causeway Regeneration Area and the Leisure Quarter and forms the District's focus for employment, retail, community and tourism facilities.

The 18 projects have been prioritised and ordered over the short (1-5 years), medium (5-10 years) and long term (10+ years).  Where opportunity or funding presents itself, some projects may be taken forward sooner.

The Masterplan area has three sub-areas that are closely linked together.  Each sub-area has specific projects and the following links will show where projects are 'live' or 'active' and where you can be involved in terms of engagement or comment:

  • Causeway Regeneration Area
  • Maldon Central
  • Leisure Quarter