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Urban design

Causeway Regeneration Area

The Causeway is the District's main employment area as detailed on the LDP Proposals Map (Local Development Plan).  Key Evidence Base documents supporting the Masterplan have set out that the risk of flooding is holding the area's economic potential back.  The planned strategic housing growth in Maldon and Heybridge underpins the importance of sustaining the District's main employment area and also to ensure local job creation to improve the economic fortunes of the area.

Key opportunity sites are earmarked for redevelopment to kick start the regenerative process and some of these sites are already being redeveloped creating jobs, investment and environmental enhancement in an attractive offer.


Project 6   - North Quay Regeneration
Project 7   - Heybridge Creek Connection
Project 8   - Causeway Corridor
Project 9   - Heybridge Creek Improvements
Project 10 - Enterprise Centre
Project 11 - Leigh Industrial Estate
Project 12 - Causeway Strategic Flood Risk Review
Project 13 - Wyndham Heron and The Roothings
Project 14 - The Street and Benbridge Industrial Estate