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Urban design

18 Key projects

The Projects relate to six key objectives within the Masterplan and their relevance to Maldon Central, the Causeway Regeneration Area and the Leisure Quarter.

All Projects are 'active'.  A 'Live' Project is one that requires or has the opportunity for consultation, attending workshops, exhibition material available or an Expression of Interest to become involved.

Live Projects

Project 2: Lower High Street (Masterplan page 37)
How to get involved   Maldon District Council Submits Bid for Future High Streets Funding

Project 6: North Quay Regeneration (Masterplan page 53)

Project 7: Heybridge Creek Connection (Masterplan page 55)

Project 9: Heybridge Creek Improvements (Masterplan page 59)


Project Activity

Project 1: Upper High Street (Masterplan pages 30-35)

Project 3: Butt Lane Car Park (Masterplan page 37)

Project 4: Hythe Quay Improvements (Masterplan pages 40-41)

Project 5: Maldon Riverside Route (Masterplan pages 44-49)

Project 8: The Causeway Corridor (Masterplan page 59)

Project 10: Enterprise Centre (Masterplan page 61)

Project 11: Leigh Industrial Estate (Masterplan page 61)

Project 12: The Causeway Strategic Flood Risk Review (Masterplan page 61)

Project 13: Wyndham Heron and The Roothings (Masterplan page 65)

Project 14: The Street and Benbridge Industrial Estate (Masterplan page 65)

Project 15: Destination Hub (Masterplan pages 68-69)

Project 16: Promenade Park Management Plan (Masterplan pages 70-71)

Project 17: Blackwater Estuary Moorings (Masterplan page 73)

Project 18: England Coast Path and Northey Island (Masterplan pages 74-75)