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Heritage Winter Talks 2017 / 18

Since 2002, we have hosted a series of 5 Heritage Winter Talks each year. These are free to the public and are hugely popular. Each talk focuses on an aspect of local heritage or history.

Details of the heritage winter talks for 2017 / 18 can be found on the promotional leaflet and poster or alternatively please see below:

7 November 2017: Ed Morton – Conservation structural engineering, from cathedrals to huts, with special reference to buildings in the Maldon District
Ed Morton is a structural engineer with experience advising on some of the most important historic buildings in this country and abroad, as well as some of the most notable old buildings in the Maldon District. This talk will include a look at some of his work at Canterbury Cathedral, on the unique Chinese lattice floor at Wollaton Hall and in Malta, South America and Hong Kong. Ed will also review recent projects in the Maldon District such as at Creeksea Manor, Stow Maries Airfield, and the Braxted Park Estate.


5 December 2017: Lynne Raymond - Document detective: where there’s a will there’s a way

In this richly illustrated talk Lynne Raymond will demonstrate how historical documents and archive material, from public and private collections, has been used to reveal histories of the Raymond, Bright and Strutt families, all with close Maldon connections. The period covered spans over 500 years, from the sixteenth to the twenty-first century.


9 January 2018: Bronwen Cook - Coastal Trade and the Port of Maldon in the 16th and 17th centuries

Coastal trade frequently took place with no records, sometimes because of its low monetary value, or its clandestine nature. Fortunately, from 1565 many of the Port Books of The Exchequer, Queen’s Remembrancer have been preserved, providing a wealth of information on the activities of the small Port of Maldon, which this talk will explore.


6 February 2018: Clive Potter - Law, Order and Life with DORA in the Great War

This talk will take a look at life on the Home Front during the Great War. As men left homes and jobs to join the forces those left behind, most of whom were women, had to take their places. There were shortages of everything on top of a huge demand to supply the armed forces. The Government introduced the Defence of the Realm Act (DORA) which allowed for draconian measures. The Great War changed life in Britain forever.


6 March 2018: John Smith - Maldon’s Moot Halls, 1401 to Present Day: a Reinterpretation

A fresh look is taken in this talk at the history of Maldon’s moot halls. Surprising discoveries will be revealed and the resulting reinterpretation will challenge long-held beliefs.  This, in turn, will enrich and transform our understanding of both the present-day Moot Hall and its medieval predecessor, as well as the layout of the town’s medieval market place. The talk throughout is profusely illustrated with prints, location photographs, plans, documents and portraits.


Councillor Mrs Penny Channer, Chairman of Maldon District Council’s Planning and Licensing Committee, said; “These popular talks are a great way to learn more about our unique local history and heritage. They are free of charge and a lot of fun, so why not come along! ”

These talks will take place at the Friends Meeting House, Butt Lane, Maldon, CM9 7HD. Doors open at 7pm for a 7.30pm start.