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Street naming and numbering for residents

Adding a name to a property

A name can be added to a numbered property but the number will always take priority and must still be displayed clearly and referred to in any correspondence as it forms part of your official address. Once allocated, a number can only be removed from a property in exceptional circumstances.

We will check that the proposed name is acceptable and whether it is already in use in the immediate area. If there is the possibility of confusion, or the name chosen is deemed to be inappropriate, we will ask you to suggest an alternative option.

We will inform a wide range of organisations about the change, including the emergency services, Land Registry and Royal Mail. It may take a few months for address changes or new addresses to appear on the databases of other companies and organisations.

If you wish to add a name to your numbered property you can email us providing us with details of your current address and the property name you would like. Alternatively you can complete an application form and email it to us.