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Worried about losing your home?

Advice and information for specified vulnerable groups.

Serving and former members of the armed forces

Under Maldon Council’s allocation policy section 2.3-2.4 armed forces, reserve forces personnel and bereaved spouses or civil partners of armed forces personnel will under certain circumstances be prioritised within their band when they apply for eligible properties (link to Advice can also be found on the following websites: Gateway to homechoice allocations policy)

Advice about benefits and concessions for the Armed Forces, veterans and their families can be found on 

Housing advice can be found on: advice/armed_forces_and_ex-services

If you are about to leave the army or have left the army and are  homeless and have been unable to stay with family/friends and or find private rented accommodation you should contact the Housing options team on You will need to provide written confirmation of the date of your discharge from military service.  

Leaving prison

If you have a tenancy and are sent to prison see the Shelter advice below:

If you are due to be released from prison in the next 56 days please see the Shelter advice below:

Leaving hospital  

Discharge from hospital

If you are due to leave Hospital and have nowhere to go or your home is unsuitable for you to return to you should speak to nursing staff who will advise the Hospital discharge team. If you will be homeless they will have a duty to make a referral to a Council. If you rent and your home will be unsuitable for you on discharge then you need to contact your landlord in the first instance. If you rent or own your own property then you should look at link

 You may also be able to join the housing register ‘Gateway to Home choice’