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Worried about losing your home?

Things we need to see at a personal interview

Please bring as much information with you as possible, as this will help us to give you full and relevant advice. This should include all or some of the following required information:

  • birth certificates for everyone in your household (especially children)

  • passports and/or driving licences for everyone in your household

  • if appropriate, a Home Office letter showing your eligibility to remain in the UK or other documentation showing your status to remain in the UK (this may be your passport)

  • evidence of household income for the past 3 months, for example pay slips

  • benefits entitlement letters, for example child benefit, child tax credits, disability living allowance, personal independence payment, jobseekers allowance or other benefits along with bank statements showing the relevant payments

  • proof of pregnancy (this must be the blue book issued at your ante-natal clinic or a letter from your GP showing your name, date of birth and stating that you are pregnant and the expected date of confinement)

  • a copy of any current tenancy agreement or recent mortgage statement

  • a copy of any notice to quit your accommodation

  • any other correspondence from your landlord, mortgage lender or court

  • the last 3 months' bank statements for all accounts and proof of all savings

  • letters concerning debts and/or bankruptcy information

  • police crime reference numbers or contact details of the relevant individuals, if you are claiming to be fleeing violence (domestic or otherwise)

  • medical evidence of a claimed priority need on medical grounds (contact details of a GP, CPN or other medical practitioner)