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Citizen Voice

The Maldon District Council Citizens' Panel

Citizen Voice is the Maldon District Council citizens' panel and it is open to anyone* who lives, works or studies in the District, aged 16 years or over.

The aim of the panel is to form a group of people from all across the District and from all walks of life who are interested in 'having their say.  They will be able to do that by giving their views on consultations, responding to emails asking for opinions and by getting involved in community engagement.

Panel members will be contacted (often by email because of its speed, low cost and the convenience for the panel) to take part in consultations and to give their opinions on a variety of topics.  In that way the views of the panel can be gathered and used as an additional tool during the Council's work or as additional data in the Council's decision making.

In return for getting involved, members of the panel get a chance to get involved in our current consultations and to 'have their say'.  They will also receive a newsletter on the progress of the panel and on the results of consultations.

So, if you want to have a chance to get involved in the life of the District and to have your say on issues that matter, sign up to become part of Citizen Voice.

You can sign up to become a member of Citizen Voice by completing the registration form online.  If you require help completing the form or have any queries, please contact Cally Darby on 01621 875741 or email

* Citizen Voice is not open to employees or elected Members of Maldon District Council.