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Frequently Asked Questions about Citizen Voice

What is Citizen Voice?

Citizen Voice is a group of residents who have come forward as volunteers to get involved in Council consultations.  They will complete surveys, give opinions and answer questions relevant to Council business in the District of Maldon.

How does it work in practice?

Members of the panel will be contacted, mostly by email, offering them the chance to get involved and give their opinions on a variety of topics and subject matters.  In many cases the email will include a link to an online questionnaire although it may be as simple as a Yes/No style question.

For those who don't wish (or can't) take part online there is the option of completing the same consultation by post.

Who can join?

Citizen Voice is open to anyone over the age of 16 who either lives, works or studies within the District of Maldon.  Unfortunately, it isn't open to any employees or elected Councillors of Maldon District Council.

How do I sign up?

There is a registration form that you simply complete to tell us a bit about yourself and then your details will be held as part of the citizens' panel.  You can complete the Registration Form online or print it out and returning a copy to the address on the form.

If you wish to be taken off the panel at any time, simply let us know.

Do I have to respond every time?

No, of course we realise that everyone has busy lives, so we simply ask that you respond when you can.

Please note also that there may be instances when not everyone is invited to get involved in all consultations.  There may be times when we want to contact only the panel members in certain geographical locations or perhaps to contact only those from a particular sector of the community such as people with a disability.

Can I join to give the views of an organisation?

No, we ask that members of the panel take part as individuals and give their views as such.  The Council makes separate arrangements to carry out consultations with organisations across the District.

How will I know what goes on?

The Council will provide newsletters for all panel members to give an update on progress as well as a summary of the consultation carried out and what's been done with the information.