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The Electoral Register

How to register to vote

How do I register to vote?

The registration system changed in June 2014.  It is now the individual’s responsibility to make sure they are registered on the electoral register.

You can register online at

You will need to provide your full name, nationality, new address, previous address, national insurance number and date of birth.

You need to be on the electoral register to vote in UK elections and referendums.  You are not automatically registered even if you pay council tax.  The electoral register is the list of everyone who is registered to vote.

Who can register to vote?

Who is eligible to register to vote?
You can register to vote if you are:
  • Resident (usually live) in the UK and aged 16 or over (but you will not be able to vote until you are 18).
You must also be either:
  • A British, Irish or European Union citizen, or
  • A Commonwealth citizen who has leave to enter or remain in the UK, or who does not require such leave.

There is also another category of elector:

  • Anonymous – you can register as an anonymous elector for safety reasons, for example if you are escaping violence.  To register anonymously you will need documentary evidence like a court order or an injunction.  Please contact us for more details.