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Polling District, Polling Place and Polling Station Review

Notice of Review

The Council is undertaking a review of the polling districts, polling places and polling stations within the district and welcome comments from residents, stakeholders, and interested groups.

This is a compulsory review which aims to ensure that the electorate has an appropriate place in which to vote. Ideally these should be located within the respective polling district, however, this is not mandatory.

The consultation period runs until 1 November 2019. All representations will be considered, with a final report to be submitted to Council for approval.

This consultation uses guidance and resources published by the Electoral Commission.

A copy of the Notice of Review is available here.

Definition of terms:

  1. A 'Polling District' is an area created by the division of a constituency, ward or division into smaller parts, within which a polling place can be determined which is convenient to electors.
  2. A 'Polling Place' is a building or area in which stations will be selected by the Returning Officer.
  3. A 'Polling Station' is the room or building where the poll takes place.