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Council Tax - Homes for Ukraine Support Scheme

Council Tax - Homes for Ukraine Scheme

The government Homes for Ukraine scheme is open!


What does it mean?

The government will offer a £350 monthly payment to anyone who provides a home or spare room(s) to a Ukrainian national to live in for six months or more.

The government will give eligible Ukrainian Nationals a VISA so they can live, work and claim benefits in the UK for the next three years.

If Ukrainian Nationals move into a home, this might affect any discounts or benefits that the homeowner is claiming.

If you receive a single person discount on your Council Tax because you are the only adult in your home, you will lose that discount if a Ukrainian National aged 18 years or older moves in.

If you have an empty home and somebody moves in, they will be responsible for paying Council Tax as they now live there. 

  • They may also be able to claim Council Tax Support themselves.

If you are claiming Council Tax Support or a Housing Benefit, the presence of another adult (or adults) in your home may affect your support/benefits.

If you take a Ukrainian National (or any other person) into your home or another property that you own, you must let us know. This is so we can make any changes to your Council Tax discounts or benefits.

This information is correct at the time of writing. If the government changes the law relating to Council Tax, Housing Benefits or Council Tax Support, we will change the information on this page.