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Business opportunities

Supplying the Council

The Maldon District Council Procurement Portal offers suppliers the ability to view Maldon District Council contract announcements in real time.  It provides its purchasing and procurement information via a Buyer Profile with information on purchase plans, contact details, future, current and past contracts. By publishing this information Maldon District Council offer suppliers the opportunity to identify future opportunities, respond to current opportunities and to view which suppliers have already been engaged along with the goods and/or services purchased.

Maldon District Council spends a significant sum each year with the private sector. This represents some fundamental opportunities for a wide range of businesses in and around the district.

If you're a business interested in supplying goods, services and/or works to Maldon District Council then we advise you to register as a supplier on the Procurement Agency for Essex website.

After registering, you will then be able to access the BiP Select Service (national prequalification service for the public sector). The service is common to all members of the procurement agency for Essex and registering once will mean that as a potential supplier you will be alerted to public sector business opportunities across virtually the whole of Essex.

Whilst using the portal is not a guarantee of success, it should provide suppliers with the best opportunity to offer informed quotations and tenders.