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Essex Business Adaptation Grant Scheme

We are no longer taking new applications for this grant due to fund capacity being reached

We are reviewing the applications received in the last few weeks.  If you applied we will let you know as soon as possible if we are able to make a payment.

The Essex Business Adaptation Grant scheme was announced in November 2021 by Essex County Council (ECC). The scheme will supply grants of up to £5000 to local businesses to carry out adjustments to enable them to continue to operate safely.

The initial funding made available to Maldon District Council to support businesses within our District was £154,000 and the maximum grant available was £1500.

ECC have now provided us with additional funding of £380,339 to support businesses who have spent money adapting their business due to Coronavirus or who intend to.

If you are a small or medium size business, you can apply for a one-off grant of up to £5000.

You must use this money to adapt your premises and/or operations so you can trade in a Covid-secure way. These grants are only available for any eligible spending that happened after 1 June 2021 and you must have been trading on 4 November 2020.

If you have already received an adaptations grant, you cannot apply for a second grant within two months of your first payment.

To be eligible for a Essex Business Adaptation Grant a business must:

  • a small or medium sized business (0-249 employees)
  • have fixed property related costs
  • have been open and trading to visiting members of the public on 4 November 2020
  • had to close or have been severely impacted by the National restrictions
  • not be insolvent, in administration, or having been issued a striking off notice
  • be claiming for expenditure to carry out adaptations since 1 June 2021.

Grants of up to £5000 will be awarded for the purpose of:

  • promoting that the business is open and COVID-secure such as signage, stencils, leaflets, advertising, web and mobile technology
  • training , upskilling , or reskilling staff in courses directly connected to or associated with the adaptions or changes being made for businesses.
  • enabling improvements, adjustments, or expansion of the business premises to help the business stay open in response to COVID-secure practices and social distancing guidelines. For example, sanitiser stations/units, protective screens, barriers, or adaptions for serving food and drink
  • helping with costs associated with setting up and running an online presence where the business does not currently have an online presence, for example, digital technology platforms or licensing
  • enabling the business to diversify operations to generate new or enhance existing income streams including the purchase of equipment to enable this

In addition to the above, examples of items that a Business Adaptation Grant can be used for includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • vehicles and personal transportation connected with supplying delivery services such as cycles
  • access improvements/ amendments, for example, motion sensor doors, queuing adaptations, one-way set-ups, or improvised waiting areas
  • internal adaptations, for example, relocation of existing fixtures and fittings or services, potentially to support new ways of using the space to ensure social distancing or diversified uses of premises
  • exterior furniture, shelter, heating, lighting, for example, tables, seating, benches, awning, canopy, patio-heaters, or interventions to support appropriately spaced outdoor service
    • Scheme Details (second phase)