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Business Rate Relief

Unoccupied Properties

Empty properties are exempt from paying business rates for 3 months from the date on which the property becomes vacant (except industrial properties such as factories and warehouses - these are exempt for the first 6 months).

There are certain type of properties that will remain exempt whilst unoccupied, these include:

  • listed buildings
  • properties with a rateable value less than £2,600
  • properties owned by charities are exempt if the property's next use is likely to be wholly or mainly for charitable purposes
  • community amateur sports club buildings are exempt if their next use is likely to be wholly or mainly for a sports club

Contact us if your property becomes vacant.

A new measure to extend empty property rate relief for empty new builds is being put in place, meaning some new builds will be exempt from empty rates for up to 18 months, further details will be issued in the new year.