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Check, Challenge or Appeal against the rateable value

If you disagree with the rateable value, the ratepayer MUST appeal direct to the Valuation Office Agency.

What you need to do

  1. CLICK: Correct your business rates to view your rateable value.
  2. FIND: your property by postcode or address.
  3. REVIEW: the information to make sure all your property information held by the VOA is correct.

It will only take a few minutes to do this.

If you think the information held about your property is incorrect, ask the VOA to update your records. If you are the owner or occupier, you will need to register or sign in and claim this property to:

  • view the detailed valuation
  • confirm your property details or advise the VOA that something is correct (check)
  • advise the VOA that you disagree with the valuation (challenge)

If you do not do this, you risk paying too much in business rates.