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COVID-19 advice for businesses

Maldon District Council is committed to supporting our businesses through this challenging period and we are working with our partners to provide advice and assistance as required. We are also making decisions that will maintain the viability and sustainability of the Council over the coming months, to ensure we continue to deliver vital services.

We have welcomed the Governments Financial support for businesses during coronavirus (COVID-19) and we will continue to liaise with colleagues in other authorities to ensure best practice is being shared. We are using our social media channels to provide advice to businesses on this evolving situation and recognise the importance of supporting local employers.

To protect our residents and staff we would ask that customers do not visit the Council Offices. If the matter is extremely urgent by telephone 01621 854477. Thank you for your understanding.

To support Maldon District businesses through this difficult time, we are supporting several initiatives designed to assist businesses to keep informed and safe and support those working or staying at home.

  • Essex County Council Support A webpage with links dedicated to providing support for employers and businesses in Essex.
  • LinkedIn Group It is more important than ever for businesses to be networked together and this group can help us now and in the future.

COVID-19: guidance for employees, employers and businesses

Business Training and webinars

COVID-19: Latest information and advice from our partners