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COVID-19 Funerals

COVID-19 - Funerals, Commemorative Events and Chapel Services

Updated July 2021

At this current time, all restrictions on funerals and commemorative events such as ashes interments, scatterings and stone setting ceremonies have been removed and there will no longer be a maximum number of attendees. We respectfully remind all visitors to the cemeteries to follow the guidance on how to stop the spread on coronavirus (COVID 19) in order to keep everyone safe.

Chapel Services

The maximum capacity for services in Heybridge and Maldon chapels will be 24 mourners who should remain seated. There are no restrictions in relation to singing. All chapel services will be arranged according to the wishes of the lead mourner and numbers will be limited to enable further social distancing should they so wish. All mourners are asked to maintain 2 metre social distancing from Funeral staff and Ministers.

It is recommended that all attendees wear masks when inside the chapel.

COVID-19: guidance for managing a funeral during the coronavirus pandemic

Page updated 7/14/2021, 1:02:44 PM