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Assisted Funerals or Public Health Funerals

List of Deceased Buried Under an Assisted Funeral

The list below is updated each time a new Assisted Funeral is arranged by the Council under the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984.

Name of deceased Postcode Date of Birth Date of Death Marital Status Was the estate referred to the Treasury Solicitor Y/N
Pauline Saunders CM0 7JY Unknown 17-10-19 Unknown No
Nigel Brine CM0 8LJ Unknown 28-Feb-10 Unknown No
Klaus Hansell CM9 4NY 29-Oct-47 15-Jan-12 Unknown No
Malcom Grimwade CM9 4AX 24-Jun-29 03-Feb-13 Unknown No
Jean Rebecca Cousins CM8 3JS Unknown 13-Jun-16 Widowed Yes
Michael John Light CM3 6PB 01-Jan-44 07-Oct-16 Unknown No
Susan Violet Thorogood CM0 8HY 24-Jul-55 10-Jan-17 Unknown No
Paul Terrence Edwards CM0 8HX 03-Aug-46 13-Mar-17 Unknown No
Peter Arthur Tubby CM0 8NT 28-Aug-31 30-Apr-17 Unknown No
David Blowers CM9 6JD 25-Sep-41 20-Mar-19 Single No
Anthony Edney CM9 6JD 20-Aug-45 28-Mar-19 Unknown No
Leonard Costello CM9 6PD 30-May-35 24-Aug-19 Unknown No
Year Spent
2010 1,265.00
2011 0
2012 1,491.96
2013 600
2014 0
2015 0
2016 1,260.00 (790.00 recovered)
2017 1,408.00
2019 900.00