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Our Cemeteries

All three of the cemeteries covered by Maldon District Council are maintained by our in-house parks team, with on-going maintenance and pruning all year around.

Maldon Cemetery

Maldon Cemetery is the largest of the cemeteries owned and run by the Council, with a lawn section for full burials, as well as a large Woodland Burial site and cremated remains sections. There is also the Primrose Garden which is specifically designed and set aside for the burials of infants and babies. With a focal point in the centre, a pergola with seating inside, it is a relaxing spot to spend time and arrange thoughts and memories of loved ones.

The cemetery has an on-site chapel, with arched windows and doors, and seating for 40 people. The gothic style of the chapel makes for lovely surroundings for a full service and respectful day. There are also other optional extras that can be added to funeral arrangements (please see cemetery and memorial fees). There is a parking area and toilet facilities to the side of the chapel, with an attractive walk towards either the lawn section, the Woodland Glade and the Garden of Remembrance. The cemetery is a year-round delight to the eye, with evergreen trees and plants as well as bulbs, wild flowers and colourful shrubs.

The tranquil scenery hosts a relaxing and poignant space to either get lost in your own thoughts or engage in the wildlife or other visitors.

Heybridge Cemetery

Heybridge Cemetery also has a chapel, a lawn section for full burials and a Garden of Remembrance for cremated remains. The chapel boasts stained glass windows and beautifully simple pews, seating around 35 people. The nature and wildlife in and around the cemetery is eye-catching and abundant in every season, making it a beautiful place to visit lost loved ones. Just off the main road, the cemetery is easy to find and being one of the smaller cemeteries in the District, has a cosy and undisturbed feel to it.

Burnham-on-Crouch Cemetery

Burnham-on-Crouch also has sections for full burials as well as cremated remains. There is also a natural woodland burial site within the grounds of the Cemetery but is in the early stage of maturing. With time, this will be an ecologically friendly area with all materials used, including coffin furniture as well as the coffin itself, being bio-degradable and all planting to be indigenous to the area.

The cemetery has a chapel on site which although not currently in use, is still a focal point on entering the cemetery via Southminster Road. There is a drivable path running down the main section of the cemetery meaning fewer mobile visitors do not have far to walk to visit a grave.

As well as WC facilities (excluding Heybridge), external water taps, and bins are located around the cemeteries to ensure the pruning and maintenance of grave spaces can be done with as much ease as possible.