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Keep Safe

What is Keep Safe?

Keep safe

Keep Safe is an innovative scheme to help vulnerable people feel safe when they are in our District. 

The scheme currently operates in Maldon, Burnham and Heybridge, for vulnerable people (people with a disability, elderly or those living with dementia) and has the dedicated support of local traders and businesses that act as ‘Safe Havens’ - creating a network of safe places for people to go if they need help while in town.

If you would like to register, please complete this form

People who sign up to Keep Safe are given a key ring and card to write the number of someone they wish to be contacted if they need assistance while out and about in the town - for example, if they lose their mobile phone, purse or bus pass, or they are distressed in any way. They can show the card in the venues involved to get instant access to help in non-emergency situations.

These venues will display the Keep Safe sticker in their windows, and staff will allow members the use of a telephone or will make a phone call on their behalf in an emergency.