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Hate Crime

Information and Support

To report a Hate Crime, follow this link

For information and support:

  • Contact Victim Support, the national charity that provides free and independent practical and emotional support to victims of crime or traumatic incidents.  Victims can access their services regardless of when the crime happened or if the police are involved.
    • Call Essex Victim Support on 0808 178 1694 (open 8am-5pm, Mon-Fri).
    • Call the national, 24/7 Support line on 0808 168 9111.
    • Visit their website Vicitm Support.
  • For guidance on the Criminal Justice System visit:
  • Find out about Restorative Justice:
    • Restorative Justice or Mediation are when those harmed by a crime or conflict have contact with the person responsible to try to find a way forward.  This is voluntary, and both sides need to agree for the contact to take place.  This is not an alternative to a court-imposed sentence.
    • Visit: Restorative Essex for more information