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Safer Streets - Maldon High Street

What have we done so far, and what are we planning to do next?


We have already been working on ways that we can adapt our streets and make sure they are working for all our road users. We have started to make simple but effective changes for example space signage for people to both queue for food and move along the pavement. 

But we want to go further. We know people are walking and cycling more and we want to continue to enable these types of journeys to be made; making our streets more liveable and safer. We want to make it easier and safer for people to walk and cycle locally, shop on their local high street and reach their local green spaces while maintaining physical distancing. We are also looking ahead to respond to future challenges caused by a predicted rise in car use and decline in public transport use once some of the lockdown restrictions are eased.

We are therefore engaging with Essex County Council to look at how widening pavements along parts of the High Street could enable social distancing further to allow local shops to become fully operational.

We are currently seeking and training a team of volunteers to assist you as you shop, should anyone want to volunteer: