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Safer Streets - Maldon High Street

How can you help?

We need your help to identify other places where we can make it easier and safer for people to travel locally on foot and by bicycle.

We will review every location that is highlighted and then work to prioritise locations where we can deliver the greatest benefit and are the most practical to implement, as well as those that can help key workers, such as staff at care homes, hospitals and other medical sites.

While we will not be able to respond to every suggestion received, we will add information to our website and this map on the areas where we do make changes based on your suggestions. Thank you for taking the time to help us make travel safer in Maldon.

We are very keen to understand the new travel and social distancing issues on our streets that have been created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We would appreciate and welcome your comments and input into this map. Your input will, help us understand where there are new issues on our streets that are related to the new challenges posed by COVID-19.

Interactive map: