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How to claim help with your rent and council tax

Changes in your circumstances

What has changed? Tell us today!

If any of your circumstances change, email us immediately at or you can use the link below for a form - print it off and either post it back or bring it in to us. 

Report a change in circumstances

Moving house?

Report a change of address

Not telling us about changes could mean we pay you too much benefit, or not enough.  We will ask you to pay back any overpaid housing or council tax support that you were not entitled to.

Not keeping us updated could result in further action being taken against you or a penalty of £70 being added to your council tax account.

Changes to tell us about could include:

  • if you move house
  • if someone moves in or out of your home
  • if your income, or the income of anyone in your household changes including your wages or any other benefits you receive
  • if your rent changes
  • if you, or anyone in your household, qualify for another benefit
  • if you, or your partner, stop getting income support or jobseeker's allowance

These are just examples, please tell us anyway if you are not sure if a change will affect you.  You should not rely on anyone else us to tell us about your situation. You may also lose out on money that you are entitled to