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How to claim help with your rent and council tax

Who can claim housing benefit?

You can only make a new claim for housing benefit if you:

  • are of pension age - you can check your State Pension age, go to

  • live in some types of temporary accommodation

Otherwise, you must claim universal credit instead.

You can NOT claim housing benefit if you live in the following post codes covered by Chelmsford Job Centre Plus:-

CM0, CM1 1, CM1 2, CM1 3, CM1 4, CM1 6, CM1 7, CM1 9, CM2, CM3 1, CM3 3, CM3 4, CM3 5, CM3 6, CM3 7, CM3 8, CM3 9, CM9 4, CM9 5, CM9 6, CM9 8, CM9 9, CM11 1, CM9 8, CM9 9

We will usually ask for proof of your rental arrangement to confirm that you have to pay rent for the accommodation you live in, eg written agreement, proof of payments. 

Housing benefit cannot help with mortgage payments. Go to the .Gov website for more help with this.

You cannot claim housing benefit if you live the the same property as a close relative.