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How to claim help with your rent and council tax

Local housing allowance for single claimants under 35.

From January 2012, anyone under 35 is only able to claim housing benefit on a shared accommodation rate to help with their rent (rather than being able to claim for self-contained one-bedroom accommodation).

This means you may only be entitled to the lower rate of housing benefit for a room in shared accommodation if all of the following apply:

  • you are a single person
  • you are occupying one-bedroom self-contained accommodation in the private rented sector
  • your housing benefit was reviewed after January 2012 onwards
  • at the date of the review you will be aged 25 or over but under 35 years, and
  • you are not covered by any of the exemptions on sharing accommodation

The change means that from January 2012 onwards, instead of the one-bedroom self-contained rate as has been notified to you, you would move onto the shared accommodation rate applying at that date, which may be much lower.

You can check the current rates.  Please note that if your accommodation is in Tollesbury, Tolleshunt Major, Tolleshunt Knights or Tolleshunt D'Arcy then your rate will be the Colchester rate. 

If your housing benefit is not assessed under LHA rules we cannot provide you with an estimate at present, although you should be aware that the rate you get is likely to be much lower than the rate you currently get.