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Fuel Switching

Essex Energy Watch

Two community schemes have been established to help you reduce the cost of your fuel through bulk purchase, the Maldon/Essex Energy Switch and Bulk Oil Buying.

Maldon/Essex Energy Switch

Don’t pay more than necessary for your gas and electricity.  Switching your supplier on a regular basis helps ensure you get the best deals.  Essex County Council has teamed up with the switching company iChoosr to offer a simple risk free approach to switching.

How does it work?

Residents can register their interest in using the energy switching scheme with NO obligation to take up the offer after signing up.  A one day auction is held and energy companies compete with each other to offer their best tariffs.  Everyone who registers will receive a personalised offer which details how much they could save by switching to the winning provider (or cheaper tariff if the winner is your current provider).  There is no commitment and you will have about four weeks to decide whether to change or not.  If you decide to proceed your current provider will be informed and the account is switched to the new provider from an agreed date.

Why should I register?

It is a free, easy and secure way to cut your energy bill without wasting time comparing prices on comparison sites. 

Those who took part in the previous Maldon/Essex Energy Switch saved an average of more than £255 per household and many residents saved even more.  Maldon and Essex residents saved over £2million (£2,297,539) combined from our past five energy switches.  If you have not switched for a few years you are likely to see the biggest savings, but even those who switch regularly can benefit.  If you did register last year, you will still have to register for this round, this is because the amount of electricity or gas you use may have changed.

Who is if for?

Anyone who pays an energy bill can take part.  As well as homeowners this includes tenants and customers on pre-payment meters.  You can register for electricity and gas or just one or the other.  The choice is yours.

When is the next auction?

Registration opened on 5 December 2017 and will remain open until 13 February 2018.  If you register during this period you will receive your offer after 26 February 2018.

How do I register?

Register for free and with no obligation using a simple online form.  Alternatively call the iChoosr helpline on 0800 048 8285.  Lines are open Monday to Friday 8:00am to 5:30pm.  If you prefer local assistance, the Maldon Citizens Advice Bureau is also there to help on 01621 875774, office and telephone hours are Monday to Friday, 10:00am until 4:00pm.

You can also help up to five friends, relatives and neighbours who don’t have access to the internet by registering using your own email address.

Remember, there is no cost to register and there is no cost or obligation to switch.

Bulk oil buying

The switching scheme doesn't include oil but it is still possible to save money on heating oil by joining the Rural Community Council of Essex (RCCE) community oil buying scheme.  Please see the RCCE website or call 01376 574340 for more information.

The scheme brings communities together; by using joint buying power savings can be passed on directly to people like you whose fuel costs may be high simply because you use oil fired central heating. It also saves you the time and hassle of telephoning numerous suppliers to obtain quotes for the best price every time you need fuel.