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How to make a complaint about a nuisance

How will my complaint be dealt with?

In the first instance the officer dealing with your case will contact you to find out exactly what is causing the problem.  If we are satisfied that you have made an attempt to resolve the problem and it is a matter that can be dealt with by the law, we will then write to the person responsible and make them aware that their activities are causing a disturbance - we will ask them to stop.

Often people are not aware that they are causing a problem and we find that the initial warning letter resolves the issue.  However, sometimes the problem continues so we will decide the best way of investigating the issue.

If the matter is on-going or happens spasmodically then you will probably be asked to keep diary sheets so that the investigating officer can ascertain the times of day and for how long you are being affected by the problem. If the matter relates to a one-off event such as an accumulation then the officer will probably arrange a visit. In order for a nuisance to be proven the Council must have evidence of its existence. The diary sheets are an important element of that evidence. Whilst the Council can make visits to witness events you should bear in mind that the Council only has so much resources and the number of visits cannot be unlimited. You are normally in a better position to witness events because you are there and experiencing the problem.