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The Herbert Protocol

Published on Tuesday, 15th August 2017

Maldon District Council’s Community Safety Team and Community Protection Officers are supporting the Herbert Protocol, named after George Herbert, a war veteran, who lived with Dementia.

The Protocol is a national scheme being introduced by Essex Police which encourages carers to compile useful information which could be used in the event of a vulnerable person with Dementia going missing. The information could be held by carers, families, friends or neighbours and kept securely until needed.


Cllr Bob Boyce MBE, Chairman of Community Services said “I am pleased the Council is supporting the Herbert Protocol. Dementia can affect any of us and as our population ages we need to ensure we are creating Dementia friendly communities. This initiative supports the Councils objective to safeguard vulnerable people and support an aging population”.


The form can be downloaded or printed from the Essex Police website The form is also available from Maldon District Council Offices upon request.

The police will only ask for the form, or the information in the form, if the person is reported missing. More information can be found at


Maldon District Council’s Community Protection Officers often work with Essex Police and when needed are called to assist if someone goes missing. In recent months a Community Protection Officer reunited a member of the public who was separated from a family member with Dementia. This scheme will assist Essex Police in collecting key information and so speed up the mobilisation of the search and enable Community Protection Officers to act quickly and effectively.