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Future of Essex

Published on Monday, 5th February 2018

Maldon District Council pledges support for The Future of Essex: A united vision that will shape the future of Essex over the next two decades.

The Council is one of more than 50 major organisations backing The Future of Essex, a shared vision for everyone who calls Essex home and aims to address the long-term needs of residents and businesses.

Fiona Marshall, Chief Executive of Maldon District Council said “The Future of Essex is a shared vision that will unite our aspirations and our endeavours toward creating the Essex we want to live in. The Future of Essex was begun by representatives of key public organisations, including MDC, known as the Essex Partners and who work together for the greater benefit of Essex residents and businesses.”

“The Future of Essex gives us a shared set of ambitions and an opportunity to plan and work together to build pride in our county and shape our future around the big things that matter to us all. Such as having safe and healthy futures, strong communities, and shared prosperity.”

The vision has come from every corner of Essex: local people of all ages and backgrounds, community groups and schools; public, voluntary and private sector leaders have all contributed through interviews, surveys, engagement sessions, conversations and activities.

Seven ambitions have been set out as the fundamental things we want to achieve for Essex in the next 20 years, and the things we will focus on to make them happen. Together they provide a shared start and end point.

  • Unite behind a sense of identity
  • Enjoy life long into old age
  • Provide an equal foundation for every child
  • Strengthen communities through participation
  • Develop our county sustainably
  • Connect us to each other and the world
  • Share prosperity with everyone 

The vision recognises that Essex is one of the best places to live in the world, and that whilst change is unstoppable, we can work together to harness the opportunities it presents and move us forward. Creating a county where every single person has the support, the opportunity, and the self-belief to fulfil the promise of their potential and share in our growing economy.

Organisations across Essex, including Maldon District Council are pledging their support for the vision. Fiona Marshall added: “The Future of Essex will help us come together on a whole range of objectives. Just one such initiative is Essex County Council’s Essex Digital Strategy. I will share the Essex Digital Strategy with my Council’s staff so that they understand the potential opportunities of a Digital Essex and will work with our colleagues at Essex County Council and across the county, to deliver the objective and make the strategy happen.”