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Maldon District Council to trial revised opening hours

Published on Monday, 26th February 2018

Maldon District Council is to trial a revised opening time from March.

The move will see the Council Offices open and phone services commence at 10am rather than 8.30am on the last Wednesday of each month.  The Council’s intention is to ensure that the overall service to customers will improve by maximising the number of team meetings, staff briefings and training sessions that take place during the later opening period. 

Cllr David Sismey, Chairman of the Council’s Finance and Corporate Services Committee, said; “We want to be able to provide the best service possible to our customers.  Our colleagues in other local authorities operate similar opening hours successfully and we believe that a revised opening time once a month provides an opportunity to improve staff training and engagement, enabling us to provide a better overall service to our customers.

“Our aim is that in doing so, this will increase the overall availability of staff to customers during normal office hours.”

Cllr Sismey also added: “Our online services will not be affected and customers will still be able to access our website to make payments and report issues such as missed bins in the usual way at Residents can also keep up to date and in touch with us on Twitter and Facebook”. 

Partner organisations such as the Police, Citizens Advice and Moat Homes located in the building are also involved in the trial and will continue to be consulted during the process. 

The Council will monitor the trial over the three month period to assess the impact to customers, staff and partners before deciding whether to extend the trial or make it permanent. 

Customers wishing to provide feedback about the trial, can do so by emailing or via social media or using the feedback form on the website.