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Additional front line police officers for Maldon

Published on Thursday, 29th March 2018

Maldon and Chelmsford to get additional 12 front line police officers.

Under plans announced by Essex Police; Maldon and Chelmsford will be getting an additional 6 officers in their Local Policing Team and 6 for the Community Policing team. The Community Policing team will work closely with and to the same priorities as Maldon Community Safety Partnership which will help to ensure that local concerns are addressed. The Local Policing team will mean that Maldon will benefit from increased 24/7 cover to respond to incidents.

The officers will be part of an additional 150 officers across Essex that will be recruited and funded from the increased Policing Precept for 2018-19. In addition to the welcome increase in local policing numbers there will also be new officers to tackle domestic abuse and an increased central resource to deal with high profile incidents and spikes in crime.

Fiona Marshall, Chief Executive said “This is good news for the people of Maldon District. Our aspiration is the new officers will help tackle rural crime challenges and we will be working closely with Essex Police to consider where best to target the new resource.