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Schools Councils’ visit to Council Offices

Published on Friday, 4th May 2018

Potential future leaders from Maldon Primary Schools visited the Maldon District Council Offices on 2 May 2018.

Student councillors from Maldon Primary School, Wentworth Primary School, All Saints Primary School and St Francis Catholic Primary School met together in the Council Chamber.

The group spoke with Councillor Henry Bass, Chairman of Maldon District Council and Councillor Mark Durham, Leader of Maldon District Council.

Cllr Bass spoke to the students about the significance of the Chamber and the role of the Chairman, its history and importance to local government. Cllr Durham told the children how the Council Members are elected by local residents and represent the public; making important local decisions and working with Council Officers and partners to deliver the important services for the benefit of Maldon District.

The students, who were elected by their fellow class mates, asked Cllr Bass and Cllr Durham an number of questions, including how they became councillors and what motivated them to stand for local election.

Councillor Henry Bass, Chairman of Maldon District Council said “It was great to meet with student councillors from Maldon’s primary schools. The students expressed a keen interest in the role of local government. I hope some of them may choose to stand for local office to represent the public in the same way as they have chosen to represent their class mates.”

Councillor Mark Durham, Leader of Maldon District Council said “It is important that young people have an understanding of how democracy and government works. It was great to meet such responsible and engaged young people. I hope we gave them a reasonable understanding of the work of the Council.”

Lea Tyler, Deputy Headteacher of Maldon Primary School said “I would like to thank Cllr Bass and Cllr Durham for taking the time to meet with us. I found it very interesting and I’m sure the children did to.”